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CoverTitleAuthorYear published
Non-Perturbative Methods in 2 Dimensional Quantum Field Theory (2nd Edition)Abdalla, Elcio 2001
Quantum Filed Thoery: A Self-Contained CourseAtkinson, David 2002
Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle PhysicsCheng, Ta-Pei 1988
Field Theory: A Path Integral ApproachDas, Ashok 1993
Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) FieldEvans, M.W. 2001
Conformal Field TheoryFrancesco, Philippe Di 1999
The Photomagneton and Quantum Field Theory: Of Quantum Chemistry (World Scientific Series in Contemporary Chemical Physics, Vol 4)Hasanein, A.A. 1994
Recent Developments in Gauge TheoriesHooft, Gerard 't 1980
Conformal Field TheoryKetov, Sergei V. 1995
Quantum Fields on a LatticeMontvay, Istvan 1994
Applications Of Noncovariant Gauges In The Algebraic Renormalization ProcedureMoritsch, O. 1998
Quantum Field Theory: A Modern PerspectiveNair, V. Parameswaran 2005
Differential Topology & Quantum Field TheoryNash, Charles 1991
Field TheoryRamond, Pierre 1997
Instantons in Gauge TheoriesShifman, Mikhail A. 1994
Introduction to Quantum Fields on a LatticeSmit, Jan 2002
Selected Topics On The General Properties Of Quantum Field Theory: Lecture NotesStrocchi, F. 1993
Spin Phenomena In Particle InteractionsTroshin, S.M. 1994
Functional Methods In Quantum Field Theory And Statistical PhysicsVasil'ev, A.N. 1998
The Quantum Theory of Fields: Volume II, Modern ApplicationsWeinberg, Steven 1996