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CoverTitleAuthorYear published
Transverse Spin PhysicsBarone, Vincenzo 2003
Physics Of New Methods Of Charged Particle Acceleration: Collective Effects In Dense Charged Particle EnsemblesBonch-Osmolovsky, A.G. 1994
Heavy Flavours IiBuras, A.J. 1997
Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics 2003 - Proceedings of the Joint 28th Icfa Advanced Beam Dynamics & Advanced & Novel Accelerators WorkshopChen, Pisin 2004
Fundamentals in Hadronic Atom TheoryDeloff, A. 2003
Novel Radiation Sources Using Relativistic Electrons, from Infrared to X-Rays: F Rom Infrared to X-Rays (Series on Synchrotron Radiation Techniques and Applications, Vol. 4)Dhez, Pierre 1997
Nonlinear Dynamics in Particle AcceleratDillao, Rui 1996
Lectures in particle physicsGreen, Dan 1994
Quarks and Gluons: A Century of Particle ChargesHan, M.Y. 1999
Proton Antiproton Collider Physics (Advanced Series On Directions In High Energy Physics)Lella, Luigi Di 1989
The Gribov Theory of Quark ConfinementNyiri, Julia 2002
Solitons and ParticlesRebbi, Claudio 1985
Itep Lectures On Particle Physics And Field TheoryShifman, Mikhail A. 1999
Introduction to High-Energy Heavy-Ion CoWong, Cheuk-Yin 1994
Impedances and Wakes in High Energy Particle AcceleratorsZotter, Bruno W. 1998