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Optical Properties of Surfaces (2nd Edition)Bedeaux, Dick 2004
Optics of Quantum Dots and WiresBryant, Garnett W. 2004
The Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors: An IntroductionDavies, John H. 1997
Low Energy Ion Assisted Film GrowthGonzalez-Elipe, A.R. 2003
Low Dimensional Organic ConductorsGraja, Andrzej 1992
Electronic Processes At Solid SurfacesIlisca, E. 1995
Fluctuations And Localization In Mesoscopic Electron SystemsJanssen, Martin 2001
Semiconductor Quantum Dots (World Scientific Series On Atomic, Molecular And Optical Physics, Vol 2)Koch, Stephan W. 1993
Physics of ClustersLakhno, V.D. 1999
Modern Semiconductor Quantum PhysicsLi, Ming-Fu 1995
Physical Properties of Carbon NanotubesSaito, R. 1998
Theoretical Modelling Of Semiconductor Surfaces: Microscopic Studies Of Electrons And PhononsSrivastava, Gyaneshwar P. 1999