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SCI/SCIE journals


  1. Quantum Periodic Cluster Methods for Strongly-Correlated Electron Systems
    Minh-Tien Tran
    Journal of the Korean Physical Society 53, 3619-3624 (2008)
  2. Mott-Hubbard-Anderson Metal-Insulator Transition in the Falicov-Kimbal Model with Local Disorder
    Minh-Tien Tran
    Journal of the Korean Physical Society 53, 3613-3618 (2008)
  3. Molecular dynamics study of the vibrational pattern ring structures in the Raman spectra of vitreous silica
    Thi Thao To, Daniel Bougeard and Konstantin S. Smirnov
    J. Raman Spectroscopy 39, 1869-1877 (2008)
  4. Key scattering mechanisms for holes in strained SiGe/Ge/SiGe square quantum wells
    Doan Nhat Quang, Nguyen Huyen Tung, Do Thi Hien, and Tran Thi Hai
    Journal of Applied Physics 104, 113711 (2008)
  5. Robustness of multiqubit entanglement against local decoherence
    Z. X. Man, Y. J. Xia and Nguyen Ba An
    Phys. Rev. A, 78, 064301 (2008)
  6. Collective remote state preparation
    Nguyen Ba An and J. Kim
    Int. J. Quant. Info. 6, 1051 (2008)
  7. Initial correlations in a nonequilibrium Falicov-Kimball model
    T. M. Tien
    Phys. Rev. B 78, 125103 (2008)
  8. Quantum teleportation of a cat-state via attenuated quantum channel using only threshold detectors
    Nguyen Ba An, Ho Ngoc Phien
    Phys. Lett. A 372, 5666 (2008)
  9. Entanglement dynamics for a six-qubit model in cavity QED
    Z. X. Man, Y. J. Xia, and Nguyen Ba An
    J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41, 155501 (2008)
  10. Electronic transport and spin-polarization effects of relativisticlike particles in mesoscopic graphene structures
    V. Nam Do, V. Hung Nguyen, P. Dollfus, and A. Bournel
    Journal Of Applied Physics 104, 063708 (2008)
  11. Phonon-assisted tunneling and shot noise in double barrier structures in a longitudinal magnetic field
    P. T. Anh, N. V. Hung and N. V. Lien
    Phys. Lett. A 372, 4947 (2008)
  12. Inference of the solvation energy parameters of amino acids using maximum entropy approach
    T. X. Hoang, F. Seno, A. Trovato, J. R. Banavar, A. Maritan
    Journal of Chemical Physics 129, 035102 (2008)
  13. Neutralinos and charginos in supersymmetric economical 3-3-1 model
    D. T. Huong and H. N. Long
    JHEP 07, 049 (2008)
  14. Joint remote state preparation
    N. B. An and Jaewan Kim
    J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41, 095501 (6pp) (2008)
  15. On conditions for atomic entanglement sudden death in cavity QED
    Zhong-Xiao Man, Yun-Jie Xia, and N. B. An
    J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41, 085503 (6pp) (2008)
  16. Probabilistic teleportation of an M-quNit state by a single non-maximally entangled quNit-pair
    N. B. An
    Phys. Lett. A 372, 3778–3783 (2008)
  17. Quantum teleportation of an arbitrary two-mode coherent state using only linear optics elements
    H. N. Phien and N. B. An
    Phys. Lett. A 372, 2825–2829 (2008)
  18. Electron mobility in Gaussian heavily doped ZnO surface quantum wells
    D. N. Quang, L. Tuan, and N. T. Tien
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 125326 (2008)
  19. Band-bending effects on the electronic properties of square quantum wells
    D. N. Quang, and N. H. Tung
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 125335 (2008)
  20. Neutrino masses and lepton flavor violation in the 3-3-1 model with right-handed neutrinos
    P.V. Dong and H. N. Long
    Phys. Rev. D 77, 057302 (2008)
  21. Higgs phenomenology of supersymmetric economical 3–3–1 model
    P.V. Dong, D.T. Huong, N.T. Thuy, and H.N. Long
    Nuclear Physics B 795, 361–384 (2008)
  22. Optical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors in coherent potential approximation
    H. A. Tuan
    Physica B 403, 1803 (2008)
  23. Tight-binding versus effective mass approximation calculation of electronic structures of semiconductor nanocrystals and nanowires
    Nguyen Hong Quang, Ngo Trung Truc, Yann-Michel Niquet
    Computational Materials Science 44, 21-25 (2008)


  1. The economical SU(3)_C X SU(3)_L X U(1)_X model
    P. V. Dong and H. N. Long
    Advances in High Energy Physics 2008, 1-75 (2008)

Non-SCIE journals

  1. Neutrinoless double beta decay in the economical 3-3-1 model
    Dang Van Soa, Nguyen Huy Thao, Phung Van Dong, Trinh Thi Huong and Hoang Ngoc Long
    Communications in Physics 18, 9-18 (2008)
  2. Convolution-wedge Product of Fields
    D. N. Diep, D.V.Duc, H.V.Tan, and N.A.Viet
    Communications in Physics 18, 119-128 (2008)
  3. Quantum Confinement in Gaussian Heavily-doped ZnO Surface Quantum Wells
    N. T. Tien, L. Tuan, and D. N. Quang
    Communications in Physics 18, 88-94 (2008)
  4. Efficient, Effective and Flexible Multiparty Quantum Secret Sharing
    N. B. An
    Communications in Physics 18, 65-70 (2008)
  5. Effects of the Direct Exchange Interaction between Magnetic Impurities on Carries States in III-V Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
    N. B. Phi and H. A. Tuan
    Communications in Physics 18, 168-174 (2008)
  6. On the Magnetic - Exciton - Mediated Ferromagnetic Superconductivity
    N. K. Thuy and N. T. Thang
    Communications in Physics 18, 141-145 (2008)
  7. Morse Effective Potential for Interaction between Two Excitons in Semiconductors
    T. T. T. Van, V. T. Hoa, N. P. Duc, N. V. Thanh, and N. A. Viet
    Communications in Physics 18, 136-140 (2008)
  8. Extended Kaluza-Klen Unifiaction Model with Mixed Compactification
    D. N. Diep, D.V.Duc, H.V.Tan, and N.A.Viet
    Communications in Physics , 129 (2008)
  9. On the new type of optical bio-sensor from dna-wrapped carbon nanotubes
    D.P. Hung, D.L. Hien, D.T. Nga, N.V. Thanh, and N.A. Viet
    Communications in Physics 18, 151-156 (2008)