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Nuclear Physics B 873, 207–247 (2013)

ISSN: 0550-3213, SCI

Lepton flavor violating processes τ →μγ , τ →3μ and Z→μτ in the supersymmetric economical 3-3-1 model

L.T. Hue , D.T. Huong, H.N. Long

In this work, we study the charged lepton flavor violating (cLFV) decays τ →μγ , τ →3μ and Z→μτ in the framework of the supersymmetric economical 3-3-1 model. Analytic formulas for branching ratios (BR) of these decays are presented.We assume that there exist lepton flavor violation (LFV) sources in both right- and left-handed slepton sectors. This leads to the strong enhancement of cLFV decay rates. We also show that the effects of the LFV source to the cLFV decay rates in the left-handed slepton sector are greater than those in the right-handed slepton sector. By numerical investigation, we show that the model under consideration contains the relative light mass spectrum of sleptons which satisfies the current experimental bounds on LFV processes in the limit of small tan γ . The interplay between monopole and dipole operators also was studied.

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