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JHEP 08, 125 (2012)


The µ − e conversion in nuclei, µ -> e, µ ->3e decays and TeV scale see-saw scenarios of neutrino mass generation

D.N. Dinh, A. Ibarra, E. Molinaro and S.T. Petcov

We perform a detailed analysis of lepton flavour violation (LFV) within minimal see-saw type extensions of the Standard Model (SM), which give a viable mechanism of neutrino mass generation and provide new particle content at the electroweak scale. We focus, mainly, on predictions and constraints set on each scenario from µ → eγ, µ → 3e and µ − e conversion in the nuclei. In this class of models, the flavour structure of the Yukawa couplings between the additional scalar and fermion representations and the SM leptons is highly constrained by neutrino oscillation measurements. In particular, we show that in some regions of the parameters space of type I and type II see-saw models, the Dirac and Majorana phases of the neutrino mixing matrix, the ordering and hierarchy of the active neutrino mass spectrum as well as the value of the reactor mixing angle θ13 may considerably affect the size of the LFV observables. The interplay of the latter clearly allows to discriminate among the different low energy see-saw possibilities.