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Advances in High Energy Physics 2012, 254039 (2012)


Radiatively Generated Leptogenesis in S4 Flavor Symmetry Models

T. Phong Nguyen and P. V. Dong

We study how leptogenesis can be implemented in the seesaw models with S4 flavor symmetry, which lead to the tri-bimaximal neutrino mixing matrix. By considering renormalization group evolution from a high-energy scale of flavor symmetry breaking _the GUT scale is assumed_ to the low-energy scale of relevant phenomena, the off-diagonal terms in a combination of Dirac Yukawa-coupling matrix can be generated and the degeneracy of heavy right-handed neutrino Majorana masses can be lifted. As a result, the flavored leptogenesis is successfully realized. We also investigate how the effective light neutrino mass |_mee_| associated with neutrinoless double beta decay can be predicted along with the neutrino mass hierarchies by imposing the experimental data on the low-energy observables. We find a link between the leptogenesis and the neutrinoless double beta decay characterized by |_mee_| through a high-energy CP phase φ, which is correlated with the low-energy Majorana CP phases. It is shown that the predictions of |_mee_| for some fixed parameters of the high-energy physics can be constrained by the current observation of baryon asymmetry.