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Phys. Rev. A 84, 053801 (2011)


Deterministic generation of a pair of entangled guided photons from a single atom in a nanofiber cavity

Fam Le Kien and K. Hakuta

We investigate the controlled production of entangled guided photons. The technique is based on a two-stage vacuum-stimulated Raman process with a single atom in a nanofiber cavity. We examine the dependences of the two-photon emission probability and the entanglement concurrence on various parameters of the system, such as the radial and axial positions of the atom, the intensities and durations of the pump pulses, the one- and two-photon detunings, the cavity finesse, and the separation time between the pump pulses. We find that, due to the confinement of the guided cavity field in the transverse plane of the fiber and in the space between the cavity mirrors, the probability of generation of a pair of entangled guided photon can be high even when the finesse of the nanofiber cavity is moderate.