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JHEP 10, 018 (2011)


Photon-radion conversion cross-sections in external electromagnetic field

P. V. Dong, H. N. Long, D. V. Soa, N. H. Thao

An attempt is made to present some experimental predictions of the Randall- Sundrum model, where compactification radius of the extra dimension is stabilized by the radion, which is a scalar field lighter than the graviton Kaluza-Klein states. We calculate the conversion cross-sections of the photons into the radions in the external electromagnetic fields, namely, in the static fields and in a periodic field of the wave guide. Numerical evaluations of the total cross-sections are also given. Our result shows that the conversion cross-section in the static electric field is quite small. But, in the static magnetic and periodic fields, the radion productions are much enhanced.