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Eur. Phys. J. C 71, 1544 (2011)


The 3-3-1 model with S_4 flavor symmetry

P. V. Dong, H. N. Long, D. V. Soa and V. V. Vien

We construct a 3-3-1 model based on family symmetry S4 responsible for the neutrino and quark masses. The tribimaximal neutrino mixing and the diagonal quark mixing have been obtained. The new lepton charge L related to the ordinary lepton charge L and a SU(3) charge by L = 2 √3 T8 + L and the lepton parity Pl = (−)L known as a residual symmetry of L have been introduced which provide insights in this kind of model. The expected vacuum alignments resulting in potential minimization can origin from appropriate violation terms of S4 and L. The smallness of seesaw contributions can be explained from the existence of such terms too. If Pl is not broken by the vacuum values of the scalar fields, there is no mixing between the exotic and the ordinary quarks at tree level.