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Adv. Studies Theor. Phys. 4, 173-196 (2010)


Right-Handed Sneutrinos as Self-Interacting Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Economical 3-3-1 Model

Hoang Ngoc Long

In this work we show that the supersymmetric economical SU(3)C ⊗, SU(3)L⊗U(1)X(3-3-1) gauge model has a realistic candidate for self-interacting, dark matter. In the model under consideration, the right-handed sneutrino is, in bottom of the triplet, which is a singlet under the Standard Model SU(2)L, group. By this property, the right-handed sneutrino does not interact with, ordinary particles in the Standard Model except for its Higgs boson. In addition,, the right-handed sneutrino is the lightest slepton, so they are stable, without introduction of extra symmetry. From the Spergel-Steinhardt condition,, the typical mass limit ≤ 10 MeV is derived. With self-interacting, coupling constant fixed by supersymmetry, this limit is deduced without any, approximation. The smallness of the sneutrinos leads to tan β ≈ 1 in the, high energy limit. The tachyon elimination in the Higgs sector leads to the, mass degeneracy for left- and right-handed sneutrinos. From the condition for, average density of cosmological cold dark matter, the ratios for the vacuum, expectation values in the model are deduced.