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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 108, 757-763 (2009)


Bilepton contributions to the neutrinoless double Beta decay in the economical 3- 3- 1 model

D. V. Soa, P. V. Dong, T. T. Huong, and H. N. Long

A new bound of the mixing angle between charged gauge bosons (the standard-model W and the bilepton Y) in the economical 3-3-1 model is given. Possible contributions of the charged bileptons to the neutrinoless double beta ((ββ)0 u) decay are discussed. We show that the (ββ) 0 u decay in this model is due to both the Majorana \langle M_{ u}\rangle_{L} and Dirac \langle M_{ u}\rangle_{D} neutrino masses. If the mixing angle is in the range of the ratio of neutrino masses \langle M_{ u}\rangle_{L}/\langle M_{ u}\rangle_{D}, the Majorana and Dirac masses are comparable to each other and both may give the main contribution to the decay. As a result, constraints on the bilepton mass are given.