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Advances in High Energy Physics 2008, 1-75 (2008)


The economical SU(3)_C X SU(3)_L X U(1)_X model

P. V. Dong and H. N. Long

The SU(3)_C X SU(3)_L X U(1)_X gauge model, with minimal scalar sector two Higgs triplets, is presented in detail. One of the vacuum expectation values u is a source of lepton-number violations and a reason for mixing among charged gauge bosons—the standard model W and the bilepton gauge bosons Y, as well as among the neutral non-Hermitian bilepton X and neutral gauge bosons—the Z and the new Z_. An exact diagonalization of the neutral gauge boson sector is derived, and bilepton mass splitting is also given. Because of these mixings, the lepton-number violating interactions exist in both charged and neutral gauge boson sectors. Constraints on vacuum expectation values of the model are estimated and u~O(1) GeV, v~v_weak = 246 GeV, and ω~ O(1) TeV. In this model, there are three physical scalars, two neutral and one charged, and eight Goldstone bosons—the needed number for massive gauge bosons. The minimal scalar sector can provide all fermions including quarks and neutrinos consistent masses in which some of them require one-loop radiative corrections.