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Phys. Lett. A 372, 3778–3783 (2008)


Probabilistic teleportation of an M-quNit state by a single non-maximally entangled quNit-pair

N. B. An

In this work we devise a scheme to teleport a type of unknown M-quNit state using only a single non-maximally entangled quNit-pair as the quantum channel. The fidelity is one while the success probability is less than one and depends on N but not on M. The scheme requires M − 1 ancillary quNits and 1 qubit at the receiver’s and the receiver should be capable of performing some quNit–quNit/qubit operations. The classical message that the teleporter must announce consists only of 2 Nits, though the full set of his/her measurement outcome is as huge as M +1 Nits.