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Journal of Russian Laser Research 25, 96-114 (2004)


Renormalization effects in the spectrum of a coherently driven exciton-biexciton system

H. N. Cam, V. S. Gorelik

Starting from the total Hamiltonian of an excited exciton-biexciton system, nonresonant renormalizations in the electronic spectrum of a coherently driven direct semiconductor are considered. Stringent group-theoretical inclusion of the particle spin in the Hamiltonian allows one to account for the dependence of different renormalization effects on polarizations of the incident laser fields. On the example of circularly polarized. driving and probing pulses it is shown that the kind of observed renormalization is defined by the pump-and-probe polarization geometry. Thus, the exciton optical Stark effect must appear in the case of co-circular pump-and-probe, whereas a mixing of the polariton and biexciton spectra is possible only in the case of counter-circular pump-and-probe. The polariton-biexciton dispersion renormalization may manifest itself as synchronous splittings of the exciton-polariton and biexciton spectra under resonant pumping at a frequency of the polariton-biexciton transition, or in their shifts in opposite directions under near-resonant pumping. The mechanisms of both kinds of renormalization effects are analyzed, and the dependence of their characteristics on the pump parameters and microscopic parameters of the exciton-biexciton-photon system is established. At evaluation of the characteristics shows that the effect of polariton-biexciton dispersion renormalization dominates in the spectra of semiconductors with stable biexciton formation. Results of the theoretical study provide an adequate explanation of available experimental data.