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Nuclear Physics B 795, 361–384 (2008)


Higgs phenomenology of supersymmetric economical 3–3–1 model

P.V. Dong, D.T. Huong, N.T. Thuy, and H.N. Long

We explore the Higgs sector in the supersymmetric economical 3–3–1 model and find new features in this sector. The charged Higgs sector is revised, i.e., in difference of the previous work, the exact eigenvalues and states are obtained without any approximation. In this model, there are three Higgs bosons having masses equal to that of the gauge bosons—the W and extra X and Y . There is one scalar boson with mass of 91.4 GeV, which is closed to the Z boson mass and in good agreement with present limit: 89.8 GeV at 95% CL. The condition of eliminating for charged scalar tachyon leads to splitting of VEV at the first symmetry breaking, namely, w\simeq w’. The interactions among the Standard Model gauge bosons and scalar fields in the framework of the supersymmetric economical 3–3–1 model are presented. From these couplings, at some limit, almost scalar Higgs fields can be recognized in accordance with the Standard Model. The hadronic cross section for production of the bilepton charged Higgs boson at the CERN LHC in the effective vector boson approximation is calculated. Numerical evaluation shows that the cross section can exceed 35.8 fb. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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