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ISSN: 2050-3911, SCIE

Measurements of νμ and νμ + νμ charged-current cross-sections without detected pions or protons on water and hydrocarbon at a mean anti-neutrino energy of 0.86 GeV

The T2K collaboration (K. Abe, ..., N. T. Hong Van, ...)

We report measurements of the flux-integrated νμ and νμ + νμ charged-current cross-sections on water and hydrocarbon targets using the T2K anti-neutrino beam with a mean beam energy of 0.86 GeV. The signal is defined as the (anti-)neutrino charged-current interaction with one induced μ ± and no detected charged pion or proton. These measurements are performed using a newWAGASCI module recently added to the T2K setup in combination with the INGRID Proton Module. The phase space of muons is restricted to the high-detection efficiency region, pμ > 400 MeV/c and θμ < 30◦, in the laboratory frame. An absence of pions and protons in the detectable phase spaces of pπ > 200 MeV/c, θπ < 70◦ and pp > 600 MeV/c, θp < 70◦ is required. In this paper, both the νμ cross-sections and νμ + νμ cross-sections on water and hydrocarbon targets and their ratios are provided by using the D’Agostini unfolding method. The results of the integrated νμ cross-section measurements over this phase space are σH2O = (1.082 ± 0.068(stat.) +0.145 −0.128(syst.)) × 10−39 cm2/nucleon, σCH = (1.096 ± 0.054(stat.) +0.132 −0.117(syst.))×10−39 cm2/nucleon, and σH2O/σCH = 0.987±0.078(stat.) +0.093 −0.090(syst.). The νμ + νμ cross-section is σH2O = (1.155 ± 0.064(stat.) +0.148 −0.129(syst.)) × 10−39 cm2/nucleon, σCH = (1.159 ± 0.049(stat.) +0.129 −0.115(syst.)) × 10−39 cm2/nucleon, and σH2O/σCH = 0.996 ± 0.069(stat.) +0.083 −0.078(syst.).

DOI: 10.1093/ptep/ptab014

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