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Modern Physics Letters A 36, 2150184 (2021)

ISSN: 0217-7323, SCIE

Type-I seesaw mechanism for neutrino mass and mixing in gauged B − L model with D_4 × Z_4 flavor symmetry

V. V. Vien, H. N. Long and D. P. Khoi

In this paper, we study a non-renormalizable U(1)B−L extension of the Standard Model with D_4 and Z_4 symmetries accommodating the most recent neutrino data within the type-I seesaw mechanism. The two squared mass differences and three mixing angles can get the best-fit values while the leptonic Dirac CP phase is in 1σ range of the best-fit values for both normal and inverted orderings. The sum of active neutrino mass and the effective neutrino masses are, respectively, predicted to be Pmν = 60.03 meV, = 2.307 meV and = 8.903 meV for normal ordering while Pmν = 101.20 meV, = 49.93 meV and = 49.95 meV for inverted ordering, which are well consistent with the current experimental constraints.

DOI: 10.1142/S0217732321501844