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PHYSICAL REVIEW D 97, 073003 (2018)

ISSN: 2470-0010, SCI

Decay of standard-model-like Higgs boson h → μτ in a 3-3-1 model with inverse seesaw neutrino masses

T. Phong Nguyen, T. Thuy Le, T. T. Hong, and L. T. Hue

By adding new gauge singlets of neutral leptons, the improved versions of the 3-3-1 models with right-handed neutrinos have been recently introduced in order to explain recent experimental neutrino oscillation data through the inverse seesaw mechanism. We prove that these models predict promising signals of lepton-flavor-violating decays of the standard-model-like Higgs boson h^0_1 → μτ; eτ, which are suppressed in the original versions. One-loop contributions to these decay amplitudes are introduced in the unitary gauge. Based on a numerical investigation, we find that the branching ratios of the decays h^0_1 → μτ; eτ can reach values of 10^−5 in the regions of parameter space satisfying the current experimental data of the decay μ → eγ. The value of 10^−4 appears when the Yukawa couplings of leptons are close to the perturbative limit. Some interesting properties of these regions of parameter space are also discussed.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.97.073003