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Physica B 532, 204–209 (2018)

ISSN: 09214526, SCI

Mass-imbalanced Hubbard model in optical lattice with site-dependent interactions

Duc-Anh Le, Thi-Thu-Trang Tran, Anh-Tuan Hoang, Toan-Thang Nguyen, Minh-Tien Tran

We study the half-filled mass-imbalanced Hubbard model with spatially alternating interactions on an optical bipartite lattice by means of the dynamical mean-field theory. The Mott transition is investigated via the spindependent density of states and double occupancies. The phase diagrams for the homogeneous phases at zero temperature are constructed numerically. The boundary between metallic and insulating phases at zero temperature is analytically derived within the dynamical mean field theory using the equation of motion approach as the impurity solver. We found that the metallic region is reduced with increasing interaction anisotropy or mass imbalance. Our results are closely relevant to current researches in ultracold fermion experiments and can be verified through experimental observations.

URL: //dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.physb.2017.04.023