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ISSN: 1029-8479, SCI

Revisiting Minimal Lepton Flavour Violation in the light of leptonic CP violation

D.N. Dinh, L. Merlo, S.T. Petcov, and R. Vega-Álvarez

The Minimal Lepton Flavour Violation (MLFV) framework is discussed after the recent indication for CP violation in the leptonic sector. Among the three distinct versions of MLFV, the one with degenerate right-handed neutrinos will be disfavoured, if this indication is confirmed. The predictions for leptonic radiative rare decays and muon conversion in nuclei are analysed, identifying strategies to disentangle the different MLFV scenarios. The claim that the present anomalies in the semi-leptonic B-meson decays can be explained within the MLFV context is critically re-examined concluding that such an explanation is not compatible with the present bounds from purely leptonic processes.

URL: https://doi.org/10.1007/JHEP07(2017)089

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