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Nuclear Physics B 921, 159-180 (2017)

ISSN: 0550-3213, SCI

Lepton flavor violating Higgs boson decays in seesaw models: New discussions

N.H. Thao, L.T. Hue, H.T. Hung, N.T. Xuan

The lepton flavor violating decay of the Standard Model-like Higgs boson (LFVHD), h → μτ, is discussed in seesaw models at the one-loop level. Based on particular analytic expressions of Passarino–Veltman functions, the two unitary and ’t Hooft Feynman gauges are used to compute the branching ratio of LFVHD and compare with results reported recently. In the minimal seesaw (MSS) model, the branching ratio was investigated in the whole valid range 10^−9 – 10^15 GeV of new neutrino mass scale m_n6 . Using the Casas–Ibarra parameterization, this branching ratio enhances with large and increasing m_n6 . But the maximal value can reach only order of 10^−11. Interesting relations of LFVHD predicted by the MSS and inverse seesaw (ISS) model are discussed. The ratio between two LFVHD branching ratios predicted by the ISS and MSS is simply m_n6^2 μ_x^(-2) , where μX is the small neutrino mass scale in the ISS. The consistence between different calculations is shown precisely from analytical approach.

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