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Journal of Physics: Conference Series 726, 012018 (2016)

ISSN: 1742-6596

The possible conection between q-defomed hamornic oscillator formation and anharmonicity

Ngo Gia Vinh, Man Van Ngu, Nguyen Tri Lan, Luu Thi Kim Thanh and Nguyen Ai Viet

In our previous article, the connection between q{deformed harmonic oscillation and Morse{like asymmetric potential is investigated. In present work, a possibility of the connection between q-deformed harmonic oscillator and anharmonic symmetric potential is in detail considered. For simplicity, we take the inverse square cosine{hyperbolic form of potential, i.e Poschl{Teller potential. The relation between the deformation parameter q and the set of parameters of anharmonic symmetric potential was found. The correspondence of two types of connections between q-deformed harmonic oscillator with asymmetric and symmetric potentials are discussed.

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/726/1/012018