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Journal of Physics: Conference Series 726, 012017 (2016)

ISSN: 1742-6596

Cooper pair of superconductivity in the coordinate representation and q-deformed harmonic oscillator

Man Van Ngu, Ngo Gia Vinh, Nguyen Tri Lan, Luu Thi Kim Thanh and Nguyen Ai Viet

In this work we study the similarity between the wave functions of q-deformed harmonic oscillator and wave functions of Cooper pair. The wave functions of Cooper pairs in coordinate-space have an "onion-like" layered structure with exponent decay (Boltzmann)envelope modulation. The ground state wave function of q-deform harmonic oscillator has the form of oscillate functions with Gaussian decay envelope modulation. The corresponding between Boltzmann and Gaussian forms of envelope functions and their quantum similarity are discussed.

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/726/1/012017