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Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 11, (2016)

ISSN: 2050-3911, SCI

One-loop contributions to neutral Higgs decay h → μτ

K. H. Phan, H.T. Hung, and L.T. Hue

In calculating one-loop contributions to amplitudes of the lepton-flavor violating decays of the neutral Higgses (LFVHD) to different flavor charged leptons, the analytic expressions can be written in term of Passarino–Veltman functions. Then, they can be computed numerically by LoopTools [1]. Another approach is using suitable analytic expressions established for just this particular case. We compare numerical results obtained from LoopTools and those computed by different expressions that have been applied recently. Then we derive the preferable ones that are applicable for large ranges of free parameters introduced in extensions of the standard model. For illustration, the LFVHD in a simple model, which has been discussed recently, will be investigated more precisely.

DOI: 10.1093/ptep/ptw158