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Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2015, 113B05 (2015)

ISSN: 2050-3911, SCI

Signal of doubly charged Higgs at e+e− colliders

L. T. Hue, D. T. Huong, H. N. Long, H. T. Hung and N. H. Thao

The masses and signals of the production of doubly charged Higgses (DCH) in the framework of the supersymmetric reduced minimal 3-3-1 model are investigated. In the DCH sector, we prove that there always exists a region of the parameter space where the mass of the lightest DCH is of the order of O(100) GeV even when all other new particles are very heavy. The lightest DCH mainly decays to two same-sign leptons while the dominant decay channels of the heavy DCHs are those decaying to heavy particles.We analyze each production cross section for e+e− → H++H−− as a function of a few kinematic variables, which are useful to discuss the creation of DCHs in e+e− colliders as an indicator of new physics beyond the Standard Model. A numerical study shows that the cross sections for creating the lightest DCH can reach values of a few pb. The other two DCHs are too heavy, beyond the observable range of experiments. The lightest DCH may be detected by the International Linear Collider or the Compact Linear Collider by searching for its decay to a same-sign charged lepton pair.

DOI: 10.1093/ptep/ptv155

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