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JHEP 05, 128 (2015)

ISSN: 1029-847, SCI

Two-loop contributions of the order O(α_t α_δ) to the masses of the Higgs bosons in the CP-violating NMSSM

Margarete M¨uhlleitner, Dao Thi Nhung, Heidi Rzehakc and Kathrin Walza

We provide the two-loop corrections to the Higgs boson masses of the CPviolating NMSSM in the Feynman diagrammatic approach with vanishing external momentum at O( t s). The adopted renormalization scheme is a mixture between DR and on-shell conditions. Additionally, the renormalization of the top/stop sector is provided both for the DR and the on-shell scheme. The calculation is performed in the gaugeless limit. We find that the two-loop corrections compared to the one-loop corrections are of the order of 5-10%, depending on the top/stop renormalization scheme. The theoretical error on the Higgs boson masses is reduced due to the inclusion of these higher order corrections.

DOI: doi:10.1007/JHEP05(2015)128

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