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International Journal of Theoretical Physics 53, 899 (2014)

ISSN: 0020-7748, SCI

Sum Squeezing, Difference Squeezing, Higher-Order Antibunching and Entanglement of Two-Mode Photon-Added Displaced Squeezed States

Duc Minh Truong, Hoai Thi Xuan Nguyen, An Ba Nguyen

In this paper, we study some higher-order nonclassical properties and intermodal entanglement that may arise in the so called two-mode photon-added displaced squeezed state. We derive analytical expressions for the degree of sum squeezing and difference squeezing, which are interesting kinds of two-mode squeezing, as well as for the degree of antibunching to any orders. We also examine the degree of entanglement between the two modes using the existing Hillery-Zubairy criterion. Based on the derived expressions we analyze in detail the behavior of these nonclassical effects and entanglement depending on the parameters involved.