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International Journal of Modern Physics A 29, 1450072 (2014)

ISSN: 0217-751X, SCI

Neutrino mixing with nonzero θ13 in Zee-Babu model

Hoang Ngoc Long anh Vo Van Vien

The exact solution for the neutrino mass matrix of the Zee–Babu model is derived. Tribimaximal mixing imposes conditions on the Yukawa couplings, from which the normal mass hierarchy is preferred. The derived conditions give a possibility of Majorana maximal CP violation in the neutrino sector. We have shown that nonzero θ13 is generated if Yukawa couplings between leptons almost equal to each other. The model gives some regions of the parameters where neutrino mixing angles and the normal neutrino mass hierarchy obtained are consistent with the recent experimental data.

DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X14500729