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JHEP 9, 86 (2013)


Lepton flavor violating τ decays in TeV scale type I see-saw and Higgs triplet models

D.N. Dinh and S.T. Petcov

The lepton flavour violating (LFV) τ decays τ → (e, μ)γ and τ → 3μ are investigated in the frameworks of the TeV scale type I see-saw and Higgs Triplet (or type II see-saw) models. Predictions for the rates of these processes are obtained. The implications of the existing stringent experimental upper bounds on the μ → e + γ and μ → 3e decay branching ratios for the predictions of the τ → (e, μ)γ and τ → 3μ decay rates are studied in detail. The possibilities to observe the indicated LFV τ decays in present and future experiments are analysed.

DOI: 10.1007/JHEP09(2013)086