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J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 30, 2142 (2013)


Generation of N-atom W-class states in spatially separated cavities

Mei Lu, Yan Xia, Jie Song and Nguyen Ba An

We propose a feasible and efficient scheme to generate N-atom W-class states in spatially separated cavities without using any classical driving pulses. We adopt the model in which the couplings between different atoms are mediated only by virtual excitations of the cavity and fiber fields, so the scheme is insensitive to the cavity decay and fiber photon leakage. We carry out both theoretical investigation in a decoherence-free subspace and numerical calculation accounting for decoherence due to the atomic spontaneous emission as well as the decay of cavity and fiber modes. The theoretical and numerical results agree in the large atom-cavity detuning regime. Our scheme proves to be useful in scalable distributed quantum networks.