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Tạp chí SCI

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1Quantum Periodic Cluster Methods for Strongly-Correlated Electron SystemsMinh-Tien Tran Journal of the Korean Physical Society533619-36242008
2Mott-Hubbard-Anderson Metal-Insulator Transition in the Falicov-Kimbal Model with Local DisorderMinh-Tien Tran Journal of the Korean Physical Society533613-36182008
3Molecular dynamics study of the vibrational pattern ring structures in the Raman spectra of vitreous silicaThi Thao To, Daniel Bougeard and Konstantin S. Smirnov J. Raman Spectroscopy391869-18772008
4Key scattering mechanisms for holes in strained SiGe/Ge/SiGe square quantum wellsDoan Nhat Quang, Nguyen Huyen Tung, Do Thi Hien, and Tran Thi Hai Journal of Applied Physics1041137112008
5Robustness of multiqubit entanglement against local decoherenceZ. X. Man, Y. J. Xia and Nguyen Ba An Phys. Rev. A,780643012008
6Collective remote state preparationNguyen Ba An and J. Kim Int. J. Quant. Info.610512008
7Initial correlations in a nonequilibrium Falicov-Kimball modelT. M. Tien Phys. Rev. B781251032008
8Quantum teleportation of a cat-state via attenuated quantum channel using only threshold detectorsNguyen Ba An, Ho Ngoc Phien Phys. Lett. A37256662008
9Entanglement dynamics for a six-qubit model in cavity QEDZ. X. Man, Y. J. Xia, and Nguyen Ba An J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.411555012008
10Electronic transport and spin-polarization effects of relativisticlike particles in mesoscopic graphene structuresV. Nam Do, V. Hung Nguyen, P. Dollfus, and A. Bournel Journal Of Applied Physics1040637082008
11Phonon-assisted tunneling and shot noise in double barrier structures in a longitudinal magnetic fieldP. T. Anh, N. V. Hung and N. V. Lien Phys. Lett. A37249472008
12Inference of the solvation energy parameters of amino acids using maximum entropy approachT. X. Hoang, F. Seno, A. Trovato, J. R. Banavar, A. Maritan Journal of Chemical Physics1290351022008
13Neutralinos and charginos in supersymmetric economical 3-3-1 modelD. T. Huong and H. N. Long JHEP070492008
14Joint remote state preparationN. B. An and Jaewan Kim J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.41095501 (6pp)2008
15On conditions for atomic entanglement sudden death in cavity QEDZhong-Xiao Man, Yun-Jie Xia, and N. B. An J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.41085503 (6pp)2008
16Probabilistic teleportation of an M-quNit state by a single non-maximally entangled quNit-pairN. B. An Phys. Lett. A3723778–37832008
17Quantum teleportation of an arbitrary two-mode coherent state using only linear optics elementsH. N. Phien and N. B. An Phys. Lett. A3722825–28292008
18Electron mobility in Gaussian heavily doped ZnO surface quantum wellsD. N. Quang, L. Tuan, and N. T. Tien Phys. Rev. B771253262008
19Band-bending effects on the electronic properties of square quantum wellsD. N. Quang, and N. H. Tung Phys. Rev. B771253352008
20Neutrino masses and lepton flavor violation in the 3-3-1 model with right-handed neutrinosP.V. Dong and H. N. Long Phys. Rev. D770573022008
21Higgs phenomenology of supersymmetric economical 3–3–1 modelP.V. Dong, D.T. Huong, N.T. Thuy, and H.N. Long Nuclear Physics B795361–3842008
22Optical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors in coherent potential approximationH. A. Tuan Physica B40318032008
23Tight-binding versus effective mass approximation calculation of electronic structures of semiconductor nanocrystals and nanowiresNguyen Hong Quang, Ngo Trung Truc, Yann-Michel Niquet Computational Materials Science4421-252008

Tạp chí SCIE

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1The economical SU(3)_C X SU(3)_L X U(1)_X modelP. V. Dong and H. N. Long Advances in High Energy Physics20081-752008

Tạp chí không thuộc SCI

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1Neutrinoless double beta decay in the economical 3-3-1 modelDang Van Soa, Nguyen Huy Thao, Phung Van Dong, Trinh Thi Huong and Hoang Ngoc Long Communications in Physics189-182008
2Convolution-wedge Product of FieldsD. N. Diep, D.V.Duc, H.V.Tan, and N.A.Viet Communications in Physics18119-1282008
3Quantum Confinement in Gaussian Heavily-doped ZnO Surface Quantum WellsN. T. Tien, L. Tuan, and D. N. Quang Communications in Physics1888-942008
4Efficient, Effective and Flexible Multiparty Quantum Secret SharingN. B. An Communications in Physics1865-702008
5Effects of the Direct Exchange Interaction between Magnetic Impurities on Carries States in III-V Diluted Magnetic SemiconductorsN. B. Phi and H. A. Tuan Communications in Physics18168-1742008
6On the Magnetic - Exciton - Mediated Ferromagnetic SuperconductivityN. K. Thuy and N. T. Thang Communications in Physics18141-1452008
7Morse Effective Potential for Interaction between Two Excitons in SemiconductorsT. T. T. Van, V. T. Hoa, N. P. Duc, N. V. Thanh, and N. A. Viet Communications in Physics18136-1402008
8Extended Kaluza-Klen Unifiaction Model with Mixed CompactificationD. N. Diep, D.V.Duc, H.V.Tan, and N.A.Viet Communications in Physics1292008
9On the new type of optical bio-sensor from dna-wrapped carbon nanotubesD.P. Hung, D.L. Hien, D.T. Nga, N.V. Thanh, and N.A. Viet Communications in Physics18151-1562008

Trên tuyển tập hội nghị

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTuyển tậpTậpSố TrangNăm

Chương sách

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTên sách, chủ biên, NXBTậpSố TrangNăm


TTTên công trìnhTác giảNhà xuất bảnTậpSố TrangNăm
1The Economical SU(3)_{C}\bigotimes SU(3)_{L}\bigotimes U(1)_{X} Gauge ModelsP. V. Dong and H. N. Long Statistics Publisher, Hanoi1922008