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Công bố khoa học năm 2000 của Trung tâm Vật lý lý thuyết

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Tạp chí SCI

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1Simple model for interface exciton with the electron-hole separation in a strong magnetic fieldN. V. Thanh, and N. A. Viet Modern Physics Letters B14899-9052000
2Simple quantum confinement theory for exciton in indirect gap nanostructuresN. T. V. Oanh, and N. A. Viet Intern. J. Mod. Phys. B141559-15662000
3Magnetic field effects on the binding energy of hydrogen impurities in quantum dots with parabolic confinementsVan-Lien Nguyen, Manh-Trinh Nguyen, T. D. Nguyen Physica B292153-1592000
4Induced representations of the two parametric quantum deformation U-pq[gl(2/2)]N. A. Ky Journal of Mathematical Physics416487-65082000
5The Higgs sector of the minimal 3-3-1 model revisitedN. T. Anh, N. A. Ky, and H. N. Long International Journal of Modern Physics A15283-3052000
6S; T;U parameters in an SU(3)_{C}\bigotimes SU(3)_{L}\bigotimes U(1) model with right-handed neutrinosH. N. Long, and Takeo Inami Phys. Rev. D610750022000
7Photoproduction of dilatons in an external magnetic fieldD. V. Soa, and H. N. Long Mod. Phys. Lett. A1523 - 282000
8Anomalous magnetic moment of muon in 3 - 3 - 1 models.N. A. Ky, H. N. Long, and D. V. Soa Phys. Lett. B486140 - 1462000
9Multi-directional higher-order amplitude squeezingN. B. An Phys. Lett. A28472–802000
10General multimode difference-squeezingN. B. An, and V. Tinh Phys. Lett. A27027–402000
11Biexciton kth power amplitude squeezing due to optical exciton biexciton conversionV. Tinh, and N. B. An International Journal of Modern Physics B,14877 - 8882000
12Multimode difference squeezingN. B. An, and V. Tinh J. Phys. A: Math. Gen.332951–29622000
13Intrinsic instability and locking of pulsation frequencies in free-running two-mode class-B lasersKenju Otsuka, Siao-Lung Hwong, and N. B. An Phys. Rev. A160538152000
14Biexciton squeezing due to optical exciton-biexciton conversionV. Tinh, D. H. Nha, and N. B. An International Journal of Modern Physics B,1491 - 1002000
15Effects of Surface Roughness and Alloy Disorder on the Density of States of the Disordered Electron Gas in Semiconductor Quantum WiresD. N. Quang, and N. H. Tung Physical Review B62153372000
16Spontaneous emission from an atom inside a dielectric spherePham Le Kien, Nguyen Hong Quang, Khozu Hakuta Optics Commun. 178151-1642000
17Charged magnetoexcitons in parabolic quantum dotsN. H. Quang, S. Ohnuma, and A. Natori Phys. Rev. B62129552000

Tạp chí SCIE

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm

Tạp chí không thuộc SCI

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Trên tuyển tập hội nghị

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTuyển tậpTậpSố TrangNăm
1Bounds on masses of new gauge bosons in 3 - 3 - 1 modelsN. A. Ky, H. N. Long, L. P. Trung, D. V. Soa, and V. T. Van In Proceedings of the IVth Rencontres du Vietnam, Physics at the Extreme Energy, Hanoi, July 19 - 25263 - 2682000
2Multimode higher-order squeezing in multiwave mixing processesN. B. An APPC 2000World Scientific, Si220-2252000

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