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Công bố khoa học năm 1997 của Trung tâm Vật lý lý thuyết

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Tạp chí SCI

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1General crossovers from two-dimensional Mott T-1/3 to soft-gap T-v variable-range hoppingN. V. Lien, and R. Rosenbaum Physical Review B5614960-149631997
2The equivalence of CPA and Hubbard-III-I approximation in the two-band Hubbard modelH. A. Tuan Modern Physics Letters B11779-7841997
3A useful Mott-Efros-Shklovskii resistivity crossover formulation for three-dimensional filmsR. Rosenbaum, N. V. Lien, M. R. Graham, and M. Witcomb Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter96247-62561997
4Biexciton-biexciton interaction in semiconductorsH. N. Cam Physical Review B5510487-104971997
5Conversion of photons into spinless particles in periodic external electromagnetic fieldH. N. Long, and D. V. Soa Nuovo Cimento110A55 - 631997
6On number of exciton surface states in multilayer molecular slabsN. B. An Acta Physica Polonica A9211971997
7Multimode Fabry-Perot laser: Number of relaxation frequenciesP. A. Khandokhin, P. Mandel, I. V. Korykin, B. A. Nguyen & Ya. I. Khanin Izv. Vuz. Radiophizika1-21611997
8Disappearance of relaxation oscillation frequencies in a multimode solid-state laserP. A. Khandokhin, Paul Mandel, I. V. Koryukin, B. A. Nguyen, and Y. a. I. Khanin Phys. Lett. A235248-2521997
9Higher-order amplitude squeezing of photons propagating through a semiconductorN. B. An Phys. Lett. A23445-521997
10Quantum-well exciton dipolar interaction: polarization dependence and Z-LT splittingN. B. An Phys. Lett. A231265-2721997
11Universal dynamical properties of three-mode Fabry–Perot lasersPaul Mandely, B A Nguyen, and K Otsukaz Quantum Semiclass. Opt.9365–3801997
12Antiphase dynamics: a generalized reference modelN. B. An, and Paul Mandel Optics Communications 13881-861997
13Auger Recombination in an Intense Acoustic Noise FieldD. N. Quang Physica Status Solidi B2001991997
14Effect of Impurity Correlation on the Density of States in Slightly Compensated Heavily Doped SemiconductorsD. N. Quang, N. N. Dat, and D. V. An Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 661401997

Tạp chí SCIE

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Tạp chí không thuộc SCI

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Trên tuyển tập hội nghị

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTuyển tậpTậpSố TrangNăm
1The Influence of Nonlinear Effects on the Phonoriton States in Highly Excited SemiconductorsNguyen Hong Quang Proc. of 22nd Conference on Theoretical PhysicsDoSon 3-5/8/1997135-1381997
2Gauge boson self-interactions in the SU(3)_{C}\bigotimes SU(3)_{L}\bigotimes U(1) modelH. N. Long, and D. V. Soa in Proceedings of the 32nd Rencontres de Moriond, '97 Electroweak Interac- tions and Unified Theories249 - 2541997

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