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1Metal-Insulator Transitions Due to Self-dopingS. Blawid, H. A. Tuan, T. Yanagisawa, P. Fulde Phys. Rev. B547771-77781996
2SU(3)_C x SU(3)_L x U(1)_N model with right-handed neutrinosH. N. Long Phys. Rev. D53437 - 4451996
3SU(3)_L x U(1)_N model for right-handed neutrino neutral currentsH. N. Long Phys. Rev. D544691 - 46931996
4Intensity phase coherence in three-mode Fabry-Pe’rot lasersN. B. An, and Paul Mandel Phys. Rev. A541638 - 16451996
5Dispersion relations in a planar array of alternating organic and inorganic quantuam wiresN. B. An Phys. Lett. A21499 - 1061996
6Size-dependent electronic eigenstates of multilayer organic quantum wellsN. B. An, and Eiichi Hanamura J. Phys.: Condens. Matter82273–22891996

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