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SCI journals

NoTitleAuthorsJournalVolNr PageYear
1Quantum dialogue.N. B. An Phys. Lett. A32862004
2Optimal processing of quantum information via W-type entangled coherent states.N. B. An Phys. Phys. A690223152004
3Stretching of proteins in the entropic limitM. Cieplak, T. X. Hoang, and M. O. Robbins Phys. Rev. E, ISSN: 2470-0045690119122004
4Thermal Effects in Stretching of Go-like Models of Titin and Secondary StructuresM. Cieplak, T. X. Hoang, and M. O. Robbins Proteins, ISSN: 1097-013456285-2972004
5Stretching of homopolymers and contact orderM. Cieplak, T. X. Hoang, and M. O. Robbins Phys. Rev. E, ISSN: 2470-0045700119172004
6Unified perspective on proteins: A physics approachJ.R. Banavar, T.X. Hoang, A. Maritan, F. Seno, and A. Trovato Phys. Rev. E, ISSN: 2470-0045700419052004
7Geometry and symmetry pre-sculpt the free energy landscape of proteinsT. X. Hoang, A. Trovato, F. Seno, J. R. Banavar, and A. Maritan Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.10179602004
8Bilepton production in e^- gamma collisionsD. V. Soa, T. Inami and H. N. Long Eur. Phys. C342852004
9Single Z production at CLIC based on eg collisionsD. V. Soa, H. N. Long, D. T. Binh and D. P. Khoi JETP986612004
10Low-Temperature Mobility of Holes in Si/SiGe p-Channel HeterostructuresD. N. Quang, V.N. Tuoc, T. D. Huan, & P. N. Phong Phys. Rev. B7012004
11Magnetic properties of exchange-biased three-layer films in a perpendicular magnetic fieldV. T. Ngo, H. V. Nguyen, H. T. Diep, and V. L. Nguyen Phys. Rev. B691344292004
12Coulomb blockade and negative differential conductance in metallic double-dot devices.V. H. Nguyen, V. L. Nguyen and H. N. Nguyen J. Appl. Phys.9633022004

SCIE journals

NoTitleAuthorsJournalVolNr PageYear
1Renormalization effects in the spectrum of a coherently driven exciton-biexciton systemH. N. Cam, V. S. Gorelik Journal of Russian Laser Research2596-1142004
2Exciton-boson formalism in the theory of laser-excited semiconductors and its application in coherent four-wave-mixing spectroscopyH. N. Cam Journal of Russian Laser Research25412-4392004

Non-SCI journals

NoTitleAuthorsJournalVolNr PageYear
1Two-patametric Deformation Upq[gl(2/1)] as a Quasi – triangular Hopf Superalgebra.V. T. Cuong, N. A. Ky and N. T. H. Van Comm. Phys. Suppl.80 - 842004
2Two-patametric Deformation Up,q[osp(1/2)]P. T. T. Ha, N. A. Ky and N. T. H. Van Comm. Phys. Suppl.76-792004
3Statistics of Coulomb – blockade Spacing in a Disordered Quantum Dot.N. V. Hung and N. V. Duc Comm. Phys. Suppl.40 - 462004
4Spin Quantum Computer with a Coupled Semiconductor Quantum Dots in a Contronllable Magnetic FieldT. T. T. Van and N. A. Viet Comm. Phys. Suppl.23 - 282004
5Free-particle Model for Disorder Two Dimensional Elentron Gas in a Perpendicular Magnetic Field.V. N. Tuoc, N. V. Minh and D. N. Quang Comm. Phys. Suppl.8-222004
6Charge Ordering in the Extended Hubbard Model with Electron – phonon Interaction under a Magnetic FieldL. D. Anh, H. A. Tuan and N. T. Thang Comm. Phys. Suppl.1-52004
7Two-parametric deformation Upq [gl(2/1)] and R-matrix formalismV. T. Cuong, N. A. Ky, and N. T. H. Van Comm. Phys.14no. 32004
8Hopf structure and representations of two-parametric quantum superalgebra Upq[gl(2/1)]N. A. Ky and N. T. H. Van Comm. Phys.14no. 42004
9Finite-dimensional representations of Uq [gl(2/1)] in a basis of Uq [gl(2)+ gl(1)]N. A. Ky and N. T. H. Van Advance in Natural Sciences5no. 12004
10The binding energy of exciton in semiconductor carbon nano tubes (kp) methodN. M. Cuong and N. A. Viet Comm. Phys.142004
11Binding energy of exciton in quantum dots with the central-cell correction depending on the dot sizeT. T. Thao and N. A. Viet Comm. Phys. 14952004

In conference proceedings

NoTitleAuthorsProceedingsVolNr PageYear
1Exact Calculation of Single-Electron States in Si-Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO_2Nguyen Hong Quang, Tran The Trung, Johann See, Philippe Dollfus Proc. of 28-th National Conference on Theoretical PhysicsSam-Son 12-15/8/2003144-1502004

Book chapters

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