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Công bố khoa học năm 1995 của Trung tâm Vật lý lý thuyết

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  6. N. A. Viet, and J. L. Birman, On the theory of the interface exciton, Solid State Communications 93, 219-223 (1995)
  7. H. N. Long, Ai Viet Nguyen, and Xuan Yem Pham, Puzzle in the Charmed D_s meson decays into pions Could the light quarks be not so light?, Phys. Lett. B 357, 177 - 185 (1995)
  8. H. N. Long, D. V. Soa, and Tuan A. Tran, Electromagnetic detection of axions, Phys. Lett. B 357, 469 - 474 (1995)
  9. N. B. An, and E. Hanamura, Surface states in thin versus thick organic quantum wells, Mod. Phys. Lett. B 9, 1609 (1995)
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  12. Nguyen Hong Quang and Nguyen Minh Khue, Density-Dependent States of Phonoriton in Highly Excited Semiconductors, Intern. J. Mod. Phys. B 9, 3725-3733 (1995)

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