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Công bố khoa học năm 1992 của Trung tâm Vật lý lý thuyết

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Trên tạp chí

Tạp chí SCI

  1. H. N. Long, Infrared behaviour of Green, Acta Physica Hungarica 71, 29 - 35 (1992)
  2. H. N. Long, Path integral on non- simply connected space and problem with zero boundary condition, Can. J. Phys 70, 375 - 378 (1992)
  3. N. B. An, and T. T. Hoa, Generation of squeezed excitons by coherent light in semiconductors, Mod. Phys. Lett. B 6, 405 (1992)
  4. N. B. An, Squeezed states of biexcitons in excited semiconductors, Intern. J. Mod. Phys. B 6, 395 (1992)
  5. N. B. An, and L. T. C. Tuong, Excitonic optical bistability in n-type doped semiconductors, Canadian J. Phys. 70, 1222 (1992)
  6. N. B. An, Light squeezing via exciton-exciton interaction in semiconductors, Quantum Opt. 4, 397-404 (1992)
  7. N. B. An, and Hartmut Haug, Theory of the excitonic optical Stark effect in qausi-one-dimensional semiconductor quantum wires, Phys. Rev. B 46, 9569 - 9576 (1992)

Tạp chí SCIE

Tạp chí không thuộc SCI

  1. V. X. Minh, Quadratic form and semigroups of solitons of the korteweg-devries equation, Nuovo Cimento Della Societa Italiana Di Fisica A-Nuclei Particles And Fields 105, 895-898 (1992)

Trên tuyển tập hội nghị

  1. A.I.Bobrysheva, Nguyen Hong Quang, S.S.Russu, M.I.Shmigliuk, Excitonic Optical Stark-Effect due to Dynamical Coupling between Energy Levels of Exciton and Biexciton, Book: Nonlinear Optical Properties of Exciton in Semiconductors of Different Dimensions Shtiintsa Edt., Kish, 3-24 (1992)

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