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Pre-arrival Information

Entrance Visa to Vietnam

To enter Vietnam, foreigners may need an entry visa. Citizens of the ASEAN countries, Russia, P.R. China, R. Korea and Japan may not need an entrance visa for a short visit (please, inquire at your local Vietnamese consulates (

In case you need an entrance visa for a short visit, you may use the "Vietnam Visa online Service" ( to obtain "Vietnam visa on arrival". It is convenient and without any help of Local organizers.

If you need a help from Local organizers, please complete the VISA FORM and return it to the secretariat at least 2 weeks before the departure day.


From the airport to the city center

To go from Noi Bai International airport to hotels in Hanoi center and vice versa, the best way is to take a taxi from the taxi companies specializing in transportation service between Noi Bai and Hanoi center:

- Airport Taxi company (phone: 38866666) and
- Noi Bai Taxi company (phone: 38868888).

These taxis stand just at the terminal exit and are indicated by the corresponding company name and you need just to show the address of your hotel to the taxi driver. To avoid troubles, we recommend you to take only taxis of these two companies and do not follow invitation of strange people to other taxis!

A taxi to the city-center takes about 40 minutes, and the price for a taxi with up to 4 passengers from Noi Bai to any places in Hanoi center is 15USD (or 250,000 VND) so please prepare in advance some cash in USD.


On days of the end of December, Hanoi climate normally change from autumn to winter with an average temperature about 20 degree celsius. The weather then is gentle, sometimes cold and nice. This time is quite appropriate for starting tours in the autumn in the north and middle regions of vietnam. More information on vietnam weather can find in NCHMF (see also WWIS ).

Vietnam currency

Vietnam currency is the dong (abbreviated VND). At present, bank notes and coins in circulation are: Bank notes: 1000 VND, 2000 VND, 5000 VND, 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND, 50,000 VND, 100,000 VND, 200,000 VND and 500,000 VND. Coins: 200VND, 500VND, 1000 VND, 2000 VND, 5000 VND.

Exchange rate: 1USD ~ 19,000 VND (on 01/07/2010).
Click here to inquire today exchange rates

Traveller's cheques can be exchanged for VND only at authorised exchange banks. Credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard) can be used in banks, travel agencies, hotels, major restaurants and ATM of large banks. US currency is exchanged for Vietnamese dong and treasury notes in banks, exchange bureaus, hotels, and jewellery shops with the daily changed rate.

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