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Young Researcher Award

Young Researcher Award of Center for Theoretical Physics and Center for Computational Physics is given annually to young researchers of the two Centers with outstanding research achievement. The recipient must be below 35 and does not have a Ph.D. degree for more than one year at the time of selection.

List of award recipients

NoAward RecipientYear of receipt
1 Nguyen Thi Hai Yen2016
2 Cao Thi Bich2014
3 Nguyen Thi Thuy Nhung2014
4 Le Tho Hue2013
5 Le Tho Hue2012
6 Cao Thi Bich2011
7 Nung Van Don2011
8 Nguyen Thi Hong Van2011
9 Le Tho Hue2010
10 Nguyen Hai Chau2008
11 Do Thi Huong2007
12 Dao Le Hien2007
13 Do Thi Hien2006
14 Nguyen Viet Hung2006
15 Phung Van Dong2006
16 Phung Van Dong2005
17 Nguyen Viet Hung2004