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Seminar on Theoretical and Computational Physics:
TitleInflation from 5-dimensional Gravity and Gauge Theory
SpeakerDr. Yugo Abe
AffiliationMiyakono Kosen College, Japan
DateTuesday, 17-09-2019
Time09:00 AM
LocationRoom 62, 6th floor, 2H building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Ha Noi
AbstractWe study whether the inflation is realized based on the radion gauge-Higgs potential obtained from the one-loop calculation in the 5-dimensional gravity coupled to a U(1) gauge theory. By identifying the extra-dimensional component of the 5D gauge field (called gauge-Higgs) and/or the scalar component of 5D metric (called radion) as the inflaton, we examine whether the potential reproduces realistic inflation parameters or not. We show that the gauge-Higgs can give rise to inflation in accord with the astrophysical data and the radion plays a role in fixing the values of physical parameters.
Host personHoàng Ngọc Long