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Seminar on Theoretical and Computational Physics:
TitleLandscape and swampland in string theory
SpeakerDr. Toshifumi Noumi
AffiliationKobe University, Japan
DateMonday, 05-08-2019
Time10:00 AM
LocationMeeting room, 6th floor, 2H Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi
AbstractString theory provides a fruitful landscape of models of particle physics and cosmology incorporating quantum gravity. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that there exit a certain class of consistent-looking effective theories that cannot be embedded into a consistent framework of quantum gravity, which are said to be in the swampland. In this talk, I will review conjectured criteria to distinguish the landscape and swampland, and their phenomenological implications (ex. inflation, dark matter).
Host personNguyễn Anh Kỳ