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Seminar on Theoretical and Computational Physics:
TitleLepton mass hierarchy in the light of time-space symmetry with microscopic curvatures
SpeakerVõ Văn Thuận
AffiliationViện năng lượng nguyên tử Việt Nam, Văn phòng Ban CĐNN dự án điện hạt nhân Ninh Thuận, 91 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hà Nội
DateTuesday, 04-08-2015
LocationRoom 202, second floor, Institute of physics, 10 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
AbstractA cylindrical model of gravitational geometrical dynamics with time-like extra-dimensions leads to a microscopic geodesic description of the curved space-time. Due to interaction of a Higgs-like cosmological potential with individual space-time fluctuations, the original time-space symmetry is spontaneously broken, inducing a strong time-like curvature and a weak space-like deviation curve. Consequently, the physical time of 4D space-time is defined to consist of a longitudinal linear component and a transverse curvature. The two time-like extra-dimensions are made explicit in terms of the quantum wave function and the proper time variable [1]. As the results, the basic Klein-Gordon-Fock equations of a free massive elementary particles are derived, which implies a duality between the quantum mechanics equation and a microscopic geodesic description of general relativity. Consequently, Heisenberg inequalities are defined directly from the time and space curvatures [2]. Moreover, extending the time-like curvatures to a higher order than one of the basic cylindrical configuration, we found reasonable mass ratios of all charged leptons. In the light of time-space symmetry, a new attempt is proposed to clarify the mass hierarchy of neutrinos, accordingly, the absolute neutrino masses may be seen based on neutrino oscillation differences of squared masses. This solution opens an opportunity for experimental verification of the proposed model.
Host personNguyễn Anh Kỳ