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SCI/SCIE journals


  1. Repulsive Casimir force between silicon dioxide and superconductor
    Anh D. Phan and N. A. Viet
    Physica Status Solidi RRL 6, 274–276 (2012)
  2. Structural phase transition and band gap of uniaxially deformed (6, 0) carbon nanotube
    Nikolai A. Poklonski, Sergey V. Ratkevich, Sergey A. Vyrko, Eugene F. Kislyakov, Oleg N. Bubel, Andrei M. Popov, Yurii E. Lozovik, Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, Nguyen Ai Viet
    Chemical Physics Letters 545, 71–77 (2012)
  3. Sequence repeats and protein structure
    Trinh X. Hoang, Antonio Trovato, Flavio Seno, Jayanth R. Banavar, and Amos Maritan
    Phys. Rev. E (Rapid Communications) 86, 050901(R) (2012)
  4. Interaction of a graphene sheet with a ferromagnetic metal plate
    Anh D. Phan, N. A. Viet, Nikolai A. Poklonski, Lilia M. Woods, and Chi H. Le
    Physical Review B 86, 155419 (2012)
  5. A new type of optical biosensor from DNA wrapped semiconductor graphene ribbons
    Anh D. Phan and N. A. Viet
    Journal of Applied Physics 111, 114703 (2012)
  6. Temperature dependent graphene suspension due to thermal Casimir interaction
    Anh D. Phan, Lilia M. Woods, D. Drosdoff, I. V. Bondarev, and N. A. Viet
    Applied Physics Letters 101, 113118 (2012)
  7. Gate-controllable negative differential conductance in graphene tunneling transistors
    V Hung Nguyen, Y M Niquet and P Dollfus
    Semicond. Sci. Technol. 27, 105018 (2012)
  8. Resonant tunnelling diodes based on graphene/h-BN heterostructure
    V Hung Nguyen, F Mazzamuto, A Bournel and P Dollfus
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 45, 325104 (2012)
  9. Magnetic Kronig–Penney-type graphene superlattices: finite energy Dirac points with anisotropic velocity renormalization
    V Qui Le, C Huy Pham and V Lien Nguyen
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 24, 345502 (2012)
  10. Shapes of hydrophobic thick membranes
    Trinh X. Hoang, Jayanth R. Banavar and Amos Maritan
    EPL 98, 56006 (2012)   [Editor's choice]
  11. Protein Sequence and Structure: Is One More Fundamental than the Other?
    Jayanth R. Banavar, T. X. Hoang, F. Seno, A. Trovato, A. Maritan
    Journal of Statistical Physics 148, 636 (2012)
  12. Single-valued estimation of the interface profile from intersubband absorption linewidth data
    Doan Nhat Quang, Nguyen Nhu Dat, Nguyen Thanh Tien, Dinh Nhu Thao
    Applied Physics Letters 100, 113103 (2012)
  13. Graphene nanomesh-based devices exhibiting a strong negative differential conductance effect
    V. Hung Nguyen, F. Mazzamuto, J. Saint-Martin, A. Bournel, and P. Dollfus
    Nanotechnology 23, 065201 (2012)   [Highlighted in nanotechweb.org]
  14. Improving accuracy and efficiency of calculations of photoemission spectra within the many-body perturbation theory
    Huy-Viet Nguyen, T. Anh Pham, Dario Rocca, and Giulia Galli
    Phys. Rev. B: Rapid Communications 85, 081101 (2012)


  1. Thermoelectric performance of disordered and nanostructured graphene ribbons using Green
    Fulvio Mazzamuto, Jérôme Saint-Martin, Viet Hung Nguyen, Christophe Chassat and Philippe Dollfus
    Journal of Computational Electronics 11, 67-77 (2012)

Non-SCIE journals

  1. Evolution of protein-protein interaction networks in duplication-divergence model
    Bui Phuong Thuy and Trinh Xuan Hoang
    Communications in Physics 22, 7-14 (2012)