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Công bố khoa học của Trịnh Xuân Hoàng

Applied Physics Letters 103, 163702 (2013)


Surface plasmon resonances of protein-conjugated gold nanoparticles on graphitic substrates

Anh D. Phan, Trinh X. Hoang, Thi H. L. Nghiem, and Lilia M. Woods

We present theoretical calculations for the absorption properties of protein-coated gold nanoparticles on graphene and graphite substrates. As the substrate is far away from nanoparticles, numerical results show that the number of protein bovine serum molecules aggregating on gold surfaces can be quantitatively determined for gold nanoparticles with arbitrary size by means of the Mie theory and the absorption spectra. The presence of a graphene substrate near the protein-conjugated gold nanoparticles results in a red shift of the surface plasmon resonances of the nanoparticles. This effect can be modulated upon changing the graphene chemical potential. Our findings show that the graphene and graphite affect the absorption spectra in a similar way.

URL: http://scitation.aip.org/content/aip/journal/apl/103/16/10.1063/1.4826514

DOI: 10.1063/1.4826514

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