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NrFull namePositionPresent workplace
1Ho Le Tuan AnhPh.D. studentUniversity of Leuven, Belgium
2Pham Tuan AnhLawrence Postdoctoral FellowshipLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, USA
3Phan Duc AnhPhenikaa Institute for Advanced Studies
4Nguyen Mai ChungLecturerUniversity of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH)
5Nguyen Manh CuongPostdocAmes Laboratory, U.S. DOE, Ames, Iowa, USA
6Tran Nguyen DungPh.D. studentInternational School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy
7Nguyen Nhu DatAssociateDuy Tan University
8Vu Thi GiangPh.D. studentUniversity of Mainz, Germany
9Do Ngoc Ha
10Bui Thi HanhDiploma studentICTP, Trieste, Italy
11Trinh Thi Lan HoaPh.D. studentUniversity of Houston, TX, USA
12Pham Van Hoang
13Pham Cong HuyPostdocUniversity of California, San Diego
14Vu Thuy HuongPh.D. studentUniversity of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
15Bui Thanh Liem
16Nguyen Van LienAssociateInstitute for Bio-Medical Physics, Ho Chi Minh City
17Dinh Thi Dieu Linh
18Duong Ngoc MaiMaster 2 studentUniversity of Paris-Sud, Paris, France
19Le Duy ManhResearcherDuy Tan University, Hanoi
20Vy Thi Ha MyPh.D. studentEwha Womans University, Seoul, S. Korea
21To Duy QuangPh.D. studentEcole Polytechnique, Paris
22Nguyen Thi ThaoPh.D. studentPusan National University, S. Korea
23To Thi ThaoLecturerPosts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Hanoi
24Tran Thanh ThuyPh.D. studentUniversity of Paris 7, Paris, France
25Nguyen Thi ThuongPh.D. studentInternational School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy
26Nguyen Le TungPh.D. studentOhio University, USA
27Nguyen Ai Viet
28Vu Thi Hai YenPh.D. studentÉcole Politechnique, Paris, France