The aim of this conference is to gather researchers working on the following subjects which have been extensively developed in the last 20 years: frustrated spin systems, nanomaterials and ultracold atoms. These subjects have been chosen for this STATPHYS24 satellite conference because statistical physics has provided methods for their theoretical development and concepts for interpretation and explanation of experimental results. Also, they have been chosen because of their numerous applications which affect deeply our way of life since 20 years.

Hanoi is a beautiful city with easy flight connections to other cities of the region. It is chosen also because of its fast development of research activities in general, and in statistical physics in particular. The organization of this conference in Hanoi would facilitate young researchers to establish personal contacts with their colleagues in other countries.


  • H. T. Diep (University of Cergy-Pontoise, France),
  • Philippe Lecheminant (University of Cergy-Pontoise, France),
  • NGUYEN Ai Viet (Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam),
  • NGUYEN Van Lien (Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam),
  • NGO Van Thanh (Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam).

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